Folsom Senior Portrait Photography

Folsom Senior Portrait Photography

Folsom Senior Portrait Photography of a high school senior girl standing next to an old wooden fence in a grassy open field on a spring day.

Sacramento senior portrait photographer Doug Miranda Photography would love to get the chance to capture these once in a life time photos of your graduating high school or college senior. As a parent myself you end up capturing tons of photos of your kids when they’re young and you slowly take less pictures of them as they get older. For most reasons they're just sick of the camera by a certain age and we probably just straight embarrass the heck out of them out in public while taking their photos. This is once in a life time achievement and milestone in your daughter’s or son’s life that you’ll need photographs of to document the special occasion. These will be keepsake photos for you and them to look back on for the rest of your lives. As for the senior this photo session will be a huge reward for all the handwork you’ve put in for the last 13 years of school. This photo session is one of those important high school graduating customs that need to be done, so you can let all your family and friends know about your huge academic accomplishment.

Folsom Senior Portrait Photographer

Here are my top four reasons you need a profession senior portrait photo session.

  1. My number one reason is your graduating high school senior needs to be reward for all the hard work they’ve done for all those years of schooling. This is one of those rewards that you can give them that will need up becoming a family heirloom for them and you as a parent. This only happens once in a life time so you really need to capture it professionally.
  2. Piggybacking from that last part of number one is you’re preserving memories that will last a lifetime and more. These pictures are documenting one of the most important moments of you’re high school or college seniors life. When you’re old and look back at accomplishments or milestones in your life graduating high school and college is one of them for sure. So you might as well preserve this accomplishment with photos and will be lasting memories for you and your family to enjoy.
  3. The easy reason and most typical one is you’re a high school senior and you’re going to need a professional photo or photos of yourself for your yearbook and announcement of graduation.
  4. You’re sick of looking at boring studio portraits of past seniors in your yearbook and really want one that will stand out from the crowd of basic photos. When you end up hiring a photographer that doesn’t come to your school to take photographs you end up with fun and exciting pictures. Let’s face it studio photos aren't that fun. They can be, but they really don’t show off the real you. When you’re able to go outside you can pick out locations and outfits that represent you. In turn you’ll end up with senior portraits that you'll love and love to send out to family and friends.

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